Press Conference in Irkutsk Regional Administration.
November, 2000.

2 row:
1. Alexander P. SUKHODOLOV, Chairman of the Committee of Economics at the Irkutsk Regional Administration
2.Lea BURE, Regional Coordinator of the Irkutsk Tacis LPEO Office, Alexander Y. FILIPPOV, Interpreter in English of the Irkutsk Tacis LPEO Office
3. Lea BURE

3 row:
1. (from left to right) Alexander P. SUKHODOLOV, Nina N. TKACHUK, Chief of Small Businesses Department of Irkutsk Regional Administration,Vladimir I. SNEGIREV, General Director of "Regional Agency for Support of Small Business - Business-Park".
2. Nina N. TKACHUK
3. Alexander A. VASSILIENKO, Vice-President of the Non-Commercial Partnership of Commodity Producers

4 row:
1. (from left to right) Alexander S. SMOLNIKOV, (Former) Deputy Manager of Department of Industrial Forecasting at the Committee of Economics, Irkutsk Regional Administration, Lea BURE

5 row :
1. Journalists
2. Journalists
3. Journalists

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