Interregional Seminar on Administrative Decision-making (Component 1)
Sochi - November 19-20, 2001


1. (from left to right) - Mr. Karl Eckstein, Advocate, Representative of "Konstituzia" Foundation; Mr. Christian Reitemeier, Regional Coordinator of LPEO Moscow Office; Ms. Nina A. Kalyush, Long-term Expert of Moscow LPEO Office; Ms. Elena B. Abrosimova, Advisor of Judge of the Constitutional Court; Ms Lea Bure, Regional Coordinator of LPEO Irkutsk Office.

2. (from left to right) - Ms. Nina A. Kalyush; Ms. Elena B. Abrosimova; Ms Lea Bure; Mr. Serguey V. Sklyarov, Director of Irkutsk Branch of the Russian Academy of Law at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

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