Federal partners

    The beneficiary of the project is the Legal Department of the Administration of the President of Russian Federation, represented by its Deputy Director and by the Foundation for Legal Issues of Federalism and Local Government.
   Alongside with this, among the direct partners of the project one will find the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and the Ministry of Anti-Monopoly Policy and Support to Enterprises, the Committee on Economic Policy and Enterprises of the State Duma, the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Judicial and Legal Issues of the Council of Federations, and the High Arbitration Court of Russian Federation.

Main partners of Irkutsk Regional Office

In Irkutsk Region:

Irkutsk Regional Administration:
  • Committee of Economics;
  • Department of small and medium businesses of the Irkutsk Regional Administration;
  • Head Financial Directorate;
  • The Legal Directorate of Legislative Board;
  • The State Legal Directorate;
  • Department of Economic Legislation at the State Institute of Regional Legislation;
  • Financial Control and Auditing Board of Irkutsk Region;
Irkutsk City Administration:
  • Department of Foreign Economic and International Affairs;
  • Licensing Department;
Arbitration and General Law Courts:
  • Federal Arbitration Court of East-Siberian District;
  • Arbitration Court of Irkutsk Region;
  • Oktiabrsky District Court;
Structures for Small Entrepreneurship Support:
  • East-Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Irkutsk Territorial Directorate of RF Ministry for Anti-Trust Policy and Support to Enterprises;
  • Regional Agency for Support of Small Business "Business-Park";
  • Non-commercial partnership of Commodity Goods Producers and Entrepreneurs;
  • Irkutsk Regional Public Organization on protection of rights and interests of taxpayers;
  • Anti-crisis Center for the protection of entrepreneurs' rights at the non-commercial partnership "Small Enterprises of Irkutsk region";
  • Angarsk School of Entrepreneurship;
Higher Educational Establishments:
  • Irkutsk State Academy of Economics;
  • Irkutsk Branch of Russian Law Academy at RF Ministry of Justice;
  • Legal Institute of Irkutsk State University;
  • Law Department of the Russian-Asian College of Law and Economics;
Unions of Lawyers:
  • International Union of Lawyers in Irkutsk;
  • Union of Russian Lawyers;
We also enjoy the support of:
  • Irkutsk Territorial Directorate of RF Ministry of Justice;
  • Irkutsk Regional Prosecutor's Office;
  • State Tax Inspection of Irkutsk Region;
  • Legal Department of Irkutsk Customs Office;
In the Buryat Republic:
  • The Committee of enterprises' support of the Buryat Republic;
  • The Committee of Economic Reforms of the Buryat Republic;
  • The Government Law Department of the President of the Buryat Republic.








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