Irkutsk Interregional Seminar on Registration & Licensing of Small Economic Operators.
Irkutsk State Academy of Economics, May 3-4, 2001.

1 row:
1. (from left to right) Alexander V. KHVOSHCHINSKY, Long Term Expert of the Moscow Tacis LPEO OfficeCarole SIGMAN, Regional Coordinator of the St Petersburg Tacis LPEO Office,Marina P. FEDOROVA, Long Term Expert of the St Petersburg Tacis LPEO Office,Ekaterina P. GORBUNOVA, Valentina V. SOKOVA, Viacheslav V. DORMIDONOV, Yuri V. YAKOVLEV, Deputy Head of the Licensing Department at Irkutsk City Administration,Nina N. TKACHUK
2. (from left to right) Alexander Y. FILIPPOV, Lea BURE, Natalya O. MARTYNOVA, Long Term Expert of the Irkutsk Tacis LPEO Office, Alexander V. KHVOSHCHINSKY, Carole SIGMAN, Marina P. FEDOROVA.
3. Ekaterina P. GORBUNOVA, Head of the Registration Department of Legal and Individual Entities of the Registration Chamber of Leningrad Region, Valentina V. SOKOVA, Deputy Director at Anti-Crisis Center - Irkutsk,Viacheslav V. DORMIDONOV, Auditor at the Financial Control and Auditing Board of Irkutsk Oblast

2 row:
1. (from left to right) Michel LESAGE, Scientific Director of Tacis LPEO Project,Yves GUYON, EU Expert, Professor at the law department of Sorbonne University - France
2. Michel LESAGE

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