Working Group 2:
Administrative procedures

Second Workshop (First Component)
"Interaction between SEO's and tax bodies -
Practical Aspects"

June 20- 22, 2001

List of participants

Ms. Valentina Atueva, Leading expert of State Legal Directorate at Irkutsk Regional Administration;
Ms. Balandina Natalia, specialist of the consulting company "BONG - TAXES";
Ms. Natalya Buchneva, Deputy Chairman of the Irkutsk Region Arbitration Court;
Mr. Roman Buyanov, Manager of the Department of Economic Legislation at the State Institute of Regional Legislation;
Ms. Oksana Dovgaichuk, Attorney, Member of Irkutsk Bar;
Ms. Elgina Irina, senior specialist of the tax inspection of the Irkutsk Oblast;
Ms. Evdokimova Tatyana, specialist of the "Baikalinvest audit";
Ms. Ludmila Kurbatova, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Affairs of Irkutsk City Administration;
Mr. Grigory Lamm, Attorney at Irkutsk Regional Bar;
Mr. Iosif Minevich, Chairman of Irkutsk Regional Public Organization for Tax Payers Rights;
Mr. Ilya Minnikes, Attorney, Professor at the Irkutsk State Academy of Economics;
Mr. Anatoly Pershutov, Deputy Chairman of the Federal Arbitration Court of East-Siberian District;
Ms. Ludmila Polishuk, Judge at the Third party Court;
Mr. Sergey Sklarov, Director of Irkutsk Branch of Russian Law Academy at RF Ministry of Justice, Member of the International Union of Lawyers of Irkutsk;
Ms. Diana Stepanienko, Member of the International Union of Lawyers in Irkutsk, Deputy Director of the Russian-Asian Legal and Economical College of Irkutsk;
Mr. Anatoly Sterkhov, Vice-President of the East-Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
Ms. Lidia Suvorova, Director of Angarsk School of Entrepreneurship, Member of the Council on small businesses development at the Governor of Irkutsk Region;
Ms. Tatyana Tataurova, Head of the Legal Department of the Irkutsk Customs office;
Mr. Ufimtsev Dmitri, direcor of the Angarsk branch of Irkutsk Regional Public Organization for Tax Payers Rights.

- Mr Joel Leroux, judge of the Administrative Court of Dijon, France;
- Ms. Lea Bure, Regional coordinator;
- Ms. Natalia Martynova, Russian Long Term expert;
- Mr. Alexander Filippov, Official Interpreter;
- Ms. Vera Gorshkova, Interpreter;
- Ms. Nadya Imykchenova, Office Manager.

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