Working Group 2:
Administrative procedures

Second Workshop (First Component)
"Interaction between SEO's and tax bodies -
Practical Aspects"

June 20- 22, 2001
Office 407, Block 5, Irkutsk State Academy of Economics, 22 Gorky Str., Irkutsk


Wednesday, June 20
14.00 Presentation of the participants (Lea Bure)
14.15 Report by Mr. Joel Leroux, Judge of Administrative Court, Dijon, France.
15.30 Coffee break
15.30 - 18.00 Questions and answers

Thursday, June 21
10.00 Review of the works of Russian short-term experts by Natalia Martynova, Tacis LT Expert

Topic 1. Legal framework of tax control
10.15 Report by Ms. Oksana Dovgaichuk, Attorney of Irkutsk Bar Discussion.

Topic 2. The procedure of interactions between SEO and tax bodies in Irkutsk region
10.50 Report by Ms. Irina Elgina, General State Tax Inspector of Irkutsk Territorial Directorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Fees, Discussion.
11.30 Coffee break

Topic 3. Cumulative tax burden. Russian practices and Irkutsk regional practices as an example
11.50 Report by Ms. Lidia Souvorova, member of the Council for small business development at the Governor of Irkutsk region, Director of Angarsk " School of Entrepreneurship " Discussion.
12.15 - 13.00 Discussion

Friday, June 22
Topic 4. Appeals against the actions of the tax bodies:
. Non-court
10.00 Report by Ms. Natalia Balandina, expert of "BONG - Taxes" consulting company Discussion.
B. Court
10.45 Report by Mr. Anatoly Pershutov, Deputy Chairman of the Federal Arbitration Court of East-Siberian Circuit. Discussion.
11.30 Coffee break
11.45 - 13.00 Summing up. Drafting general recommendations. Defining the experts for the small working group.

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