Working Group 2:
Administrative procedures

Second Workshop (First Component)
"Procedures of Solution of Disputes with the Involement of SEO"

May 16 - 18, 2001
Office 407, Block 5, Irkutsk State Academy of Economics, 22 Gorky Str., Irkutsk


Wednesday, May 16
14.00 Presentation of participants (Lea Bure)
14. 15 Report of the EU expert Bernard Piot, member of the Council on Competition, honoured Vice-President of the Commercial Court of Paris on "Access to justice for SME. Economic jurisdiction: commercial courts and councils on competition".
15.45 Coffee-break
16.00 Questions and answers on the report of EU expert

Thursday, May 17

10.00 Review of Russian experts' working papers (Natalya Martynova).

Topic 1. Basic laws and regulations
10.15 Comments by Alexandra Teterina, Leading expert at the department of provision for law making activity and legal expertise of the Ministry of Justice

Topic 2. Levels of courts' verdicts verification and their conformity with the law in force
10.35 Comments by Grigory Lamm, Attorney, and Natalya Buchneva, Deputy Chairman of Irkutsk Region Arbitration Court;
10.55 Comments by Oksana Dovgaichuk, attorney.
11.15 Discussion of the recommendations on topic 2
11.30 Coffee-break

Topic 3. Legal precedent as a source for Russian law making
11.45 Comments by Ilya Minnikes, Attorney, Professor at the Irkutsk State Academy of Economics
12.10 Comments by Sergey Sklyarov, Director of Irkutsk Branch of Russian Law Academy at RF Ministry of Justice;
12.35 Comments by Anna Madyarova, Consultant at the Department of government development and local self-government of the State Institute of Regional Legislation

Friday, May 18
10.00 Comments by Natalya Buchneva, Deputy Chairman of Irkutsk Region Arbitration Court
10.20 Comments by Ludmila Polishuk, Judge at the Third Party Court 10.40 Discussion of the recommendations on topic 3

Topic 4. Anti-trust procedures of solving disputes involving SEO's
11.00 Comments by Valentina Zamorina, CEO of Irkutsk Territorial Directorate of Ministry for Anti-Trust Protection
11.30 Coffee-break
11.45 Discussion of the recommendations on topic 4
12.10 Summing up. Passing common recommendations. Proposals of the members of the small group.

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