Irkutsk State Academy of Economics    

      ISEA is one of the oldest and largest high educational institutions in Siberia. ISEA prepares the highly skilled staff for all spheres of economy and law, public services and local governments. ISEA was founded in 11 of August, 1930. Academy includes: 35 departments; 15 faculties; the institute in town Chita; the institute in town Ust-Ilimsk; the college of business and law; 40 programs of Master degree, including Economics, Management, Law; 17 postgraduate and doctorate level programs.
      Consultation Center of retraining of accountants and auditors; Regional Center of training and up-dating of the staff; Faculty of training and up-dating of the employees of financial, credit and insurance organizations; Faculty of training and up-dating of state and municipal servants successfully satisfies the raised demand for a qualitative retraining and up-dating of the staff in the Irkutsk region.
      The academy has begun studying the program " Master of Business Administration" (MBA), and also has received an accreditation on three programs (Management, Marketing and Finance) in the frame of the Presidential program of studying of a management staff in 2000.
      More than 16 thousand students are studying in ISEA and in it's branches at present. About 11 thousand students are studying in ISEA directly including 3,5 thousand students trained in correspondence courses, and 2,5 thousand students trained in advance courses. 383 professors, including more than 60 doctors of sciences and more than 200 PhD, work in Academy now. The stable scientific-pedagogical staff, consisting of professors with scientific degree, is supported with postgraduate level's program. About 600 students are studying at the postgraduate level. Since 1996 the doctorate level's program functions in Academy.


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