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      One of the most important directions of activity of the project this year is an organization of international scientific - practical conference "World Economy and Foreign Economic Relations: Problems and Perspectives" to be held in Irkutsk, Russia, September 9-10, 2002.

Conference is Held as a Part of Baikal Economic Forum 2002. The meeting will attempt to bring people together from around the world to discuss the actual problems and trends of an international economic system, as well as of foreign international relations between East and West. It is the hope of the Conference Organizing Committee that the discussion of presented papers will help contribute to the field both at theoretical and applied levels.
In the frame of this conference the final seminar will be organized to sum up the project Tempus Tacis MJEP 10723.
Details in files: Russian version, English version.
E-mail of conference:
Conference secretary: Natalia Prokopieva, PhD.

     In the beginning of February the meeting of the chiefs of the project " Tacis-Tempus MJEP-10723 " was in one of the countries - coordinators of the project in Sweden (Umea).

  • On an meeting were representatives of all partner universities from countries of EU and Russia: Irkutsk state academy of economics, Irkutsk; the Ufa state air-technical university Ufa, Bashkortostan; the Khabarovsk state academy of economics and low, Khabarovsk; University Umea, Sweden; University of Luton , England; University do Mino Braga, Portugal.

  • In during the meeting were discussed the results of the second year of activity of the project, and also the schedule of activity for following final third year was planed.

  • One of the important results an effective work in past year was publication of two printed publicity materials under the project:
    1) Students handbook (Authors: E.Meteleva, S. Shestakov)
    2) ECTS-guide (Authors: E. Meteleva, S. Schestakov)

         Program of activities of the project for the third year (since January till December 2002):

  • The program " Mobility of the post-graduate students " is continued: since February 2002 already has initiated with training at the university of Luton (England) Elena Meteleva (PhD, Department of Economics&Public Administration ISEA); in the beginning of June two postgraduate students of ISEA will be sent also : on University Umea (Sweden) Nadezda Kuznetsova (Department of Finance ISEA), and on University of Mino (Portugal) Maria Vikhareva (Department of Economics&Public Administration ISEA).
  • The publication of the collection of articles of the postgraduate students and young scientists " Economics, management and business in global environment " is planned at the end of March - beginning of April 2002.
  • Making of operating programs of following courses:
    - management in global environment;
    - strategic planning in public sector;
    - regional economics and local government;
    - human resources management in international context.
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