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Strengthening of Public Administration in Lake Baikal Region

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Training Component

Training of 400 civil servants

In the 1998-1999 the training of 400 civil servants finished in the region. Other TACIS projects have been involved in the program of specialised training (TACIS projects "Rational Use of Natural Resources of the Lake Baikal region", "Ecological Information and Public Awareness Promotion in the Lake Baikal Region", "Enterprise Support Centre in the Baikal region and Pulp and Paper Mill Development Feasibility".

In Irkutsk training for 200 civil servants finished with the pedagogical training. In April two groups of 20 oblast and municipal civil servants already exposed to technical training were trained on specific pedagogical matters namely “how to detect training need and make train need analysis” and “how to make an application for training courses”.

As a result of this training, civil servants from oblast and municipal administrations are really able to make training need analysis and work out an application for training courses.

The pedagogical training was monitored by two European Experts who have trained the Lead Trainers. The monitoring was made on how Lead Trainers were able by themselves to deliver training courses using active methods and tools.

Training in EU

A group of 45 participants of the study tour in France (20 from Irkutsk and 25 from Buryatia) was composed of some of 400 civil servants trained, heads of municipalities and districts’ administration, members of local Parliament and Public administration structures, training managers from the training institutions. They are expected to further organise and deliver training and be active members of the network of trainers.

During the study tour participants got acquainted with the system of training civil servants in Europe (French and Swedish experience). They have also visited central and regional administrations.


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