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Strengthening of Public Administration in Lake Baikal Region

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www.admirk.ru Irkutsk Oblast Administration site
www.vsgtu.eastsib.ru Republic Buryatia Center for adult & continung education home page
www.isea.ru Irkutsk State Academy of Economics (ISEA) home page
www.isea.ru/russian/structure/fgu/index.htm Faculty of Public Administration of ISEA
http://www.isea.ru/russian/structure/fgu/fps.htm Center for adult & continuing aducantion
tacis@irtel.ru TACIS EDRUS 9517 in Irkutsk e-mail
roger@eastsib.ru TACIS EDRUS 9517 in Republic Buryatia e-mail
sergsh@isea.ru Manager of this Web-project


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