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Strengthening of Public Administration in Lake Baikal Region

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Project Stages


Description and Dates

Agreed Objectives and Verifiable Indicators

Study Tour in Europe for senior officials from the two local administration and training institutions - Jan-Feb 98

Report on Study Tour undertaken by 12 persons

Provision of policy advice in five selected fields - July 1998

Audit reports on the two regions. Reports on the achievement after delivery of policy advice

Audit oftraining needs and provisions in the Baikal Region , Feb,1998

Audit Report

Medium tern Strategy for Human Resources Development, May1998

Drafted strategy

Training and upgrading of 400 trainees and of 25 trainers and 5 training managers, March 1999

List of people trained, with indications on the training provided

Development of 8 new in-service modular programs for local administrators , May 1998

Programs prepared

Development and publication of 20 local case studies and off packages of training materials. April-July, 1999

Materials in standard format for use in courses

Regional network of public adminsitration training providers, June 1999

Installation of the required technical facilities. Programme of common activities

Two regionally based keynote conferences, October 1998 & June 1999

Reports on the outcomes of the conferences


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